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Learn English Grammar

Learning grammar is the base to improve your English right? Are you also the one who always wants to speak English fluently? Don’t worry you are at the right place here! How to learn English Grammar and practice it effortlessly may be a query that continuously revolves around your mind. Though you begin mastering the language, you often face difficulty when it comes to grammar.

Understand the basic elements of grammar so that you can understand the advanced further. To start with you should know the various parts of speech that will help you learn English Grammar easily and quickly.

Important Parts of Speech:

  • Noun: Simply remember it by the game you used to play i.e. Name, Place, Animal, Thing
  • Verb: Any Action you perform and use words to express is a verb e.g. dance, read, write.
  • Preposition: When you have to state the position of a specific thing you use prepositions. For Example, under, in, out, above, and so on.
  • Pronouns: Words you used to refer noun e.g. He, she, I, they, we, our, your, you, it, etc.
  • Adjectives: When you describe a noun it is termed as an adjective. For example, beautiful girl, worst phase etc.
  • Adverb: It refers to describing any quality or an adjective. Eg. Very Beautiful, walking slowly.

However, the above mentioned basic parts of speech further have many types. Learning these will help you improve your English Grammar more effectively.

Apart from these basics,When it comes to sentences, Tenses, as well as voices, help you express the time at which an incident took place. Following are tenses and voices

  • Present tense, Past tense, Future tense.
  • Further, Each Tense is categorised into Simple, Continuous Perfect, Perfect Continuous Tense.
  • The Voices are as follows: Active Voice & Passive Voice.

There is much more to learn Grammar and speak English fluently. However, all you have to do is be determined and trust yourself and the process. Why wait? Begin your language learning journey. In order to succeed in improving your English Grammar all you need to do is write and speak more. If you are determined and trust yourself you are half way there! What are you waiting for, Begin your English Language journey today under the guidance of our Experts. Do Subscribe to our blogs for more such valuable content.

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Till the next time, Happy Learning!

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