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Marathi Class 10 Exam Study Material

Are you seeking for a comprehensive guide to learning everything about your class 10 subject while still getting good grades? You are at the right place here! Get exclusive access to the Marathi class 10 exam study materials and tips by “Sir Academy” for you. Download previous year question papers to improve your comprehension of the themes. Books to read include: How well you perform in your tests is determined by the resources you have and how you use them.

For the SSC board,you can refer to your Textbooks, Digest as well the Class notes available to understand and study the concepts thoroughly. 

Marathi class 10 exam study material & syllabus:

Prose and Passage 

  1.  तू बुद्धी दे 
  2.  संतवाणी अंकिला मी दास तुझा
  3.  शाल
  4.  उपास
  5. दोन दिवस 
  6. चुडीवाला 
  7. फूटप्रिन्टस 
  8.  उर्जाशक्तीचा जागर 
  9. औक्षण 
  10.  रंग साहित्याचे 
  11.  जंगल डायरी 
  12.  रंग मजेचे रंग उदयाचे 
  13.  हिरवंगार झाडासारखं –
  14.  बीज पेरले गेले 
  15.  खरा नागरिक 
  16.   स्वप्न करू साकार –


  • मोठे होत असलेल्या मुलांना
  • जाता अस्ताला
  • जनणं कॅक्टसचं
  • व्युत्पत्ती कोश 

व्याकरण (Grammar)

  • समास
  • अलंकार
  • वाक्यरूपांतर
  • वाक्यप्रचार
  • सामान्य रूप
  • लेखन नियमानुसार
  • विरामचिन्हे
  • पारिभाषिक शब्द

कौशल्यलेखन (Writing Skill)

  • पत्र लेखन
  • सारांश लेखन
  • बातमी लेखन 
  • कथा लेखन

In order to make sure you score good in your exams, you must keep in mind these general tips

  • COVID-19 writing speed and attentiveness have both suffered significantly.
  • A lot of writing practice that has to be done by you.
  • When doing practise papers, you must keep track of your time and attempt to finish your exam at least 15 minutes early.
  • Make sure that your presentation is neat and tidy. 
  • For the convenience of the examiner, the questions and answers should be in the same order. Note: If your Examiner is pleased and understands what you’ve written, you’ve won half the battle.
  • Don’t forget to use your reading time wisely before attempting your exam.
  • Learn the High Weighted Chapters First 
  • Study using Small Goals and reward yourself for it.
  • Make sure to solve practise question papers so you have a better understanding of the exam pattern, marking structure, as well as crucial questions.

We really hope that our carefully compiled Marathi class 10 exam study materials and tips have improved your test preparation. To get an overall overview and learn the chapters in detail, visit Sir ACADEMY and book your demo classes today and take a step towards your excellence today! Don’t forget to download our app “SIR ACADEMY” for more such updates!

Happy Learning! 

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