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Sanskrit Study Material

Are you looking for a detailed manual that will teach you everything there is to know about your class 10 subject while also helping you get good grades? You have arrived! Get access to the most essential study resources and test preparation manual for Sanskrit class 10 produced especially for you by “Sir Academy.” Downloading past year’s test questions will help you better understand the themes. This blog will cover the Latest Sanskrit class 10 exam study guide for SSC Board.

Exam Paper Pattern for Sanskrit class 10:

In some of the schools, you have an option to choose 50% Hindi and 50% Sanskrit as a subject. However, you can also opt for either full hindi or full Sanskrit. 

Sanskrit Syllabus SSC

1. सुगमसंस्कृतम् ः।

  • प्रार्थना।
  • चित्रपदकोष:।
  • समयः।
  • पुनः स्मारणम् ।

2. गद्यम् तथा पद्यम्।

  • आद्यकृषकः पृथुवैन्यः ।
  • व्यसने मित्रपरीक्षा।
  • सूक्तिसुधा।
  • स एव परमाणुः ।
  • युग्ममाला।
  • संस्कृतनाट्ययुग्मम् ।
  • वाचनप्रशंसा।
  • नदीसूक्तम्।
  • आदिशक्डराचार्य:
  • चित्रकाव्यम्।
  • चित्रकाव्यम्।

3. रम्यसंस्कृतम् ।

  • व्यञ्जनान्ताः।
  • लकारजगत्। (धातवः – द्वितीय: समूह.,वाच्यपरिचय , लिट्)।
  • समासा:।
  • धातुसधित-विशेषणानि।
  • शतृ-शानचू-प्रत्ययान्तानि (कर्तरि-र्तमानकालवाचक – धातुसाधित -विशेषणानि।)
  • णिजन्ताः:(प्रयोजकाः)।

4. भाषासूत्रम् ।

  • लिंड्ड
  • धातुतालिकाः (द्वितीयः समूहः), वाच्यपरिचयः
  • कृत्य- प्रत्ययान्तानि

5. व्याकरणवीथि।

  • वाक्यरचना
  • अमरकोष:।
  • शब्दकोष:।
  • वाक्यनिर्माणम ।
  • धातुरुपाणि।

6. लेखनकौशलम् ।

Sanskrit Books to refer:

The resources you have and the way you use them determines how well you will Score in your exams. If you are a CBSE Student, NCERT Textbooks should definitely be on your list. Apart from this, you can refer study guide namely, Sanskrit – Vyakaranvithi

For the SSC board, you can refer to your Textbooks, Digest as well the Class notes available to understand and study the concepts thoroughly. 

Tips to score good in Sanskrit exam:

In order to make sure you score good in your exams, you must keep in mind these general tips

  • Writing speed and concentration have been greatly impacted by COVID-19.
  • You need to put in a lot of writing practise.
  • While working on your practise exams, you must be mindful of the passing time and make an effort to end the test at least 15 minutes early.
  • Make sure that your presentation is neat and tidy. 
  • The question and answers should be given in the same order for the ease of the examiner. If your Examiner is satisfied and understands what you have written, you have already won half the battle.
  • Make the most of your reading time before the exam, don’t forget.
  • Study the Chapters with the Most Weight First
  • Use little goals to help you study, and treat yourself when you achieve them.
  • Make sure to complete practise tests so you can better understand exam formats, scoring systems, as well as key questions.

In conclusion, the latest Sanskrit class 10 exam study guide can be a valuable resource for students looking to excel in their exams. Take advantage of this chance to improve your Sanskrit knowledge and abilities and succeed academically. To get an overall overview and learn the chapters in detail, visit Sir ACADEMY and book your demo classes today and take a step towards your excellence today! Don’t forget to download our app “SIR ACADEMY” for more such updates!

Happy Learning! 

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